Our work in Bangladesh includes: 

  • Repatriating victims of trafficking
  • Providing ongoing aftercare to help survivors rebuild their lives
  • Prevention work in communities
  • Partnering with Government agencies to combat trafficking



See below for more details.


Many tens of thousands of victims of human trafficking in South Asia are from or pass through Bangladesh.  Destined for brothels, sweatshops, domestic labour and the like.  We know our presence in Bangladesh is strategically vital to tackle the cross border nature of human trafficking. 

Justice and Care Bangladesh, is a member of Rescue, Recovery, Repatriation and Integration (RRRI) Task Force under Ministry of Home Affairs, Bangladesh (MoHA).  We play a lead role in repatriation and reintegration of victims of human trafficking. 



When we find victims of trafficking in India, from Bangladesh, we know that getting them home is critical.  So far this year we have: 

  • Repatriated 55 Bangladeshi women and children from India and reunited them with their families and homes in Bangladesh
  • Applied to MoHA for repatriation of 111 victims referred by Indian shelter homes
  • Identified homes of 53 trafficking victim-girls in Bangladesh who got rescued in India


We are currently providing aftercare to 102 survivors of trafficking in Bangladesh.  We'll do all we can to help them restore their lives including providing counselling, medical care and training.  In addition we are supporting 111 Bangladeshi women and children as they await their return home.  


We know many victims of trafficking in Bangladesh are recruited from the garment industry.  That's led us to start a unique programme, raising awareness of the issue among factory workers.  This year we've already trained 200 women, helping to ensure they have the knowledge to keep themselves safe.  


Our unique work has made it possible for survivors of trafficking to give evidence against those responsible in India - rather than having to stay or travel back to India.  So far 8 survivors have given video evidence to Indian courts in Bangalore and Mumbai in this way.  


We are committed to doing all we can to support the Bangladesh Government as it seeks to prevent human trafficking.  This includes: 

  • Training border staff (Border Guard Bangladesh)  in the districts of Jessore and Satkhira, to help them identify the victims of trafficking
  • A unique model of partnership with local Police and Thana in four border Districts (Khulna, Narail, Jessore, Satkhira) to ensure their support towards victims
  • Collaborated with District police to rescue 6 victims in India as they were reported missing in Bangladesh