A few months ago, as the coronavirus pandemic took hold, we asked for your help to support some of the survivors of trafficking who we work with who have been particularly affected by the crisis.

We were overwhelmed by the response as you and others gave generously to the appeal. We wanted to report back the difference we were able to make thanks to your help.


“I cannot imagine that someone can provide food for one month long time, while we were struggling with managing our three times meal. God gifted us all the things by your hand.
Thank you!”

– Bangladesh Survivor

“Everything we were able to buy during the quarantine was such a blessing! Because it was having way more than I ever dreamed for me and my two kids. And ‘Thank you’ is not enough.”
– Romanian Survivor

“I want to say a very big THANK YOU to the people who have been very kind with their donations to help in need and specially during this difficult time. Thank you very much. Without your support, I would not be able to afford these items which I really needed.”
– UK Survivor

“I lost my job and had no money to pay for medicines or food. You stood by me in this difficult time and supported me. I am very grateful.”
– Indian Survivor

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