Our Strategy

We’re committed to seeing an end to human trafficking. This drives how we work – and means we tackle the problem at every point, breaking the cycle as well as the symptoms of the crime.

We do this by bringing together the very best professionals – lawyers, social workers, counsellors, doctors and employ teams to track down victims and assist the state in tracking down criminal networks. This enables us to wrestle with the problem at every stage - from prevention all the way through to helping rewrite legislation.

We know that policies and procedures can be the difference between freedom for a trafficked child or freedom for a trafficker. And so, we work with governments on these. We’ve seen the effect of south India’s first Child Friendly Court. One judge declared that:

 “Because of Justice and Care’s initiative, a four-year-old child was able to come and give evidence very boldly and fearlessly, which in turn led to conviction in the case.”

We know that communities are their own best defence and so we work in vulnerable, rural, locations training and empowering people to prevent trafficking themselves.


Our experience tells us that traffickers target the most vulnerable people, in the poorest communities. They deceive victims and their families. Those who have been trafficked before face particular risk.  

That’s why we are so committed to community intervention - our work includes helping those living in extreme poverty set up businesses, establishing local groups to look out for traffickers and awareness training around the issues of human trafficking. We support previous victims of trafficking, to help keep them safe.   


From tracking down a missing person, to locating where victims are being held, we have dedicated teams who work alongside the police and the judiciary to help ensure the victims of trafficking are rescued and the perpetrators are brought to justice.  


Survivors of trafficking have been through often unspeakable horrors. Our aftercare work ensures as soon as someone has been rescued, that they have the support they need to rebuild their lives. This includes ensuring they have a safe place to stay, are given medical attention, counselling, skills training and, for children, education. We come alongside them and provide options to help them determine their own life of empowerment and for many to be a champion and join the fight against human trafficking.


Our legal consultants work alongside state lawyers to bring those responsible for trafficking to justice. We know it’s vital for survivors to see their abusers brought to justice - we also know it's important as it stops perpetrators being able to enslave more women and children and also sends an important message that those responsible cannot expect to get away with their crimes.  


Knowledge is critical and plays a major role in helping the Government write laws and policies to effect systemic change. Our research, policy and leverage work provides decision makers with evidence-backed recommendations and actions to help tackle human trafficking.  

Our work includes training professionals such as judges and the police on the law and best practice approaches.