A huge part of our work at Justice & Care focuses on addressing the vulnerability often prevalent within rural communities.

We not only aim to create a safe environment for survivors to return home to but also decrease their vulnerability long term, so that more children do not fall prey to traffickers in the future.

One of the ways we address this is through education. We ensure schools are functioning in rural areas and make sure there is motivation from the community for children to remain in education.

Just last week, one of our key partners, Target India Corporation, held its Annual International Giving Programme. As part of this, a sports day was organised for children from one of the schools in our local project area.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the day, taking part in a variety of activities, winning medals and even singing to the crowd. Lots of the children were given the opportunity to visit the city for the first time and one of our girls even bagged a 3rd prize in the chocolate pick and run!

The children got to take home goody bags filled with treats and stationary and all left with big smiles. We are so grateful to Target India Corporation for all their support and making sure children like Anshul* are able to enjoy their school days free from fear.