“I had lost all hope of ever going back home.”

Would you believe that these are the feet of a 14-year-old boy? This boy worked at a wire mesh factory for up to 20 hours a day, in hazardous conditions. Justice and Care and the police were able to rescue 68 children and have 24 people arrested for trafficking children and using them for labour. Of these, 40 children were trafficked from a completely different state in Eastern Indian over a distance of 1100 kilometres and put to work in several wire mesh factories in North India.

Children as young as eight-years-old were found working as child labourers in shocking conditions in the factories without food and water. The children were taken to a neutral safe zone after their rescue, where initial legal proceedings were carried out in the presence of representatives from the Child Welfare Committee, labour officers, doctors and the police. The different teams at Justice and Care have completed the task of tracing the families of the children and restoring most of them to their families. In addition to this, long-term aftercare plans are being developed for them and our legal teams are assisting the state in the prosecution of the criminal networks involved in trafficking and enslaving the children.