Our Impact

Justice and Care works to address trafficking at every level. And our approach is working.
The figures that speak for themselves.



Although there’s no quick fix when a child or young woman has been trafficked, our 3-year after care programme has proven itself, providing protection and rehabilitation. Thousands supported over the last nine years, including 1800 last year. 



Over recent years, we’ve also trained 28,400 police, judges, frontline professionals and community volunteers. Our training helps raise awareness of the issue and understanding of the rights of survivors.



We believe everyone was born to be free. That’s why we’re committed to tracking down the victims of human trafficking and working alongside the police, ensure that they are successfully rescued.


1131 arrested

We’ve supported the police in the arrest of more than 900 suspected perpetrators – helping to gather evidence against them.


433 prosecution cases

We’re committed to helping bring the perpetrators of human trafficking to justice. Our lawyers have been involved in hundreds of cases.


123 convicted

We assist the state in helping bring traffickers to justice -  so that others are protected and to send a strong message that those responsible for human trafficking will be held to account.