Human trafficking will only end if we work together.

Governments, NGOs, business, communities. All of us.

We believe that strong partnerships with the State, judiciary, civil society and the media will result in better support for victims of trafficking. We’re so grateful for the support of many organisations and individuals that make our work possible

Our partnerships with various State governments have included aspects like: 

  • Training of the police across various states on issues relating to trafficking and child protection, 
  • Providing inputs on Chief Minister’s Fund for the Rehabilitation of Women and Child Victims of Trafficking  
  • Introducing a multi-pronged concept to address prevention, protection and rehabilitation in one of the districts that has some of the highest prevalence of trafficking.
  • Being on an experts committee and providing technical inputs on the Prevention of Child Labour Act.
  • Working with State Human Rights Commission as an active task force member to facilitate initiatives at a systemic level, focusing on the time-bound issue of release certificates for survivors of bonded labour.
  • Partnering with the Directorate of Social Welfare (DSW) to implement trafficking prevention models in three districts in Bihar.


Partnerships with the Judiciary:

  • Initiating and implementing the ability for cross-border victims of trafficking to be able to give testimony via video conferencing in their home country in the presence of magistrates and Indian High Commission officials. Due to our successful pilot and implementation of this for victims of trafficking, we have co-written a Standard Operating Procedure to used across court rooms. 
  • Capacity building and sensitisation: Capacity building involved key stakeholders from government agencies at a national and state level at various judicial academies, police academies, legal service authorities, disaster management institutes amongst many others.

A judge in West Bengal said, “We now understand what it is like to be a child in a courtroom. Following Justice and Care’s training, we will ensure that children are protected in our courts"


Partnerships with Civil Society:

Engagements with organisations working consistently in the area of child protection and trafficking focused on creating a base for casework support and prevention. 


Partnerships with businesses:

We are grateful for the businesses who have partnered with us in ending human trafficking.


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