We spare no effort to be the finest in every aspect of our work. With our innovation and strategic orientation, we strive to make a greater impact with each passing day.

We use our drive to achieve higher levels of sustained performance. We are in the fight against human trafficking, enslavement and exploitation because at the very fundamental level, we have an undiminished respect for a human life and believe that all of mankind must be set free.


Everything we do as an organisation and as individuals must be able to stand up to scrutiny. We are committed to being people of honour by doing the harder right than the easy wrong.


We work together to multiply our contribution for the wellbeing of those saved at any stage of trafficking, exploitation or abuse and the ones who are vulnerable . we build partnerships with our stakeholders in order to achieve our mission.


We believe in good governance at all levels and are committed to being honest and constructively engaged with our peers, stakeholders and supporters. We take responsibility for the way we conduct ourselves individually or as a team, whether in or out of the public eye.


We are authentic in approach and humility underpins our constitutions. We commit to serving each other and those affected by and vulnerable to this crime, with the aim to see them flourish and become respected members within our communities.