Justice and Care was born out of a desire to implement multidisciplinary effective solutions to tackle human trafficking for commercial exploitation and other forms of sexual exploitation.

When we started in 2008, we realised that human trafficking lay at the intersection of many discourses and disciplines such as migration, human rights, labour laws, poverty and human development as well as trans-border rules and regulations. At an execution level too, any effective intervention required a multi-disciplinary approach encompassing rescue, legal support, comprehensive victim care, protection, reintegration  as well as an efficient case management system. This multi-disciplinary approach is at the heart of Justice and Care.

We have a long-term vision to see trafficking become a rarity across the world and we can only fulfil that vision through a strong collaborative approach with the State and Judiciary and with other like-minded organisations.

We have five multi-disciplinary teams operating across the four regions of India with collaboration and partnership as our guiding operational practice.

Our offices are currently located in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Patna.